The SPOT Model for Digital Discovery

The SPOT Model is a simple but powerful methodology for digitalizing your business with a clear outset in your business strategy. It brings out experienced pains and identified opportunities, and observes common themes found across these.

• Strategic objectives guiding your business
• Pains experienced by your organization
• Opportunities identified by your team
• Themes observed across pains and opportunities

When you apply The SPOT Model to your digital discovery process, you get off to a good start on your Digitalization journey.

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Prioritization, Delivery and Benefit Realization

When you have completed the digital discovery process and identified the options available to your organization, you are ready to move ahead in your digitalization process and implement the solutions that will support your business strategy. There are three further steps to take...

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How to benefit from digitalization

New digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), and building information management (BIM), offer incredible opportunities for almost all industries. Technology has developed to such a level of maturity that the human mind has become the limiting factor. If we can dream it up, machines can do it. And even if we can’t dream it up, sometimes machines can dream it up for us and make it happen.

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Lifting Construction

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