We unlock your digital potential
and deliver long term value

SPOT Solutions is your
digitalization partner

At SPOT Solutions, we help medium-sized and large companies digitalize with a clear outset in business strategy, typically to disrupt themselves as well as their industries.

We offer consultancy services to companies that wish to optimize existing business or develop new business by leveraging novel digital technologies.

"We solve complex problems for our clients by applying a strategy-focused model for systematically identifying organizational pains"
The SPOT-model supports
your transformation

Digitalization should, like all other business activities, be undertaken with a clear outset in business strategy.

While this seems obvious, perhaps even trivial, most companies today start their digital discovery process with a technology-focus. They choose the solutions before having understood the problem.

By applying the SPOT-model, you get off to the right start on your digital transformation.

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Scholarship for students at
Copenhagen Business School

The Hilaire Award is an opportunity for a student at Copenhagen Business School to be acknowledged for being hard-working and bright.

The students applying will have to demonstrate excellence by making a noticeable contribution for the benefit of academia, industry, or society in general.

Closed for applications

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Our guiding principles
We are professional and strategic

A strategic outset and a professional mindset is key to any successful transformation. You should expect nothing less.

We want solutions to be holistic and simple

The strategic approach ensures that solutions take the whole organisation - and the world around it - into account. This sets a clear direction, minimizes the number of surprises during the digitalization process and is how complexity in the solution is reduced.

We believe in creating results through a disruptive approach

Results come in many shapes and sizes. A digital transformation will often be experienced as a disruptive way of creating results. It is supposed to. It is a transformation of your business.

We like to work together and have fun while doing it

People are the raw material for creating great results together. Therefore, we want great people as employees. Great employees are skilled, professional and result-oriented, and just as important they enjoy working as a team and love to go to work.